Will Writing

Protect your legacy for future generations

Estate Planning usually starts with having a tax efficient will that enables you to leave your affairs in order and protect your property and savings for future generations. 

A will also empowers you to make plans for the future by appointing guardians to look after your children, make provision for the maintenance of your pets, record your funeral wishes to reduce the likelihood of family disagreement and alleviate your inheritance tax liability.

What could happen if you don't have a will

  • If you're married - your spouse might not inherit enough to satisfy their needs
  • If you cohabit - your partner may be left with nothing
  • If you're separated - your estranged spouse might inherit your estate
  • If you have young children - your children may come under the care of the local authority
  • If you're single - your estate may go to the Crown

Need to get your affairs in order?

Legal Services At Home provide a professional and friendly will writing service to help give you peace of mind and security for your family and future generations.

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